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Futbin is a sports game app that supplements numerous aspects of FIFA 21. It offers an immense rundown of choices to make it easier to play the popular game. However, the app comes with a long interface, making it hard for new players to comprehend. With this, players need to understand the menus and features to utilize the app properly.

How do you use Futbin?

The application has various menus. There is the Start menu, which displays a summary of your most recent plays on the side menu. It also allows you to look at players and your most utilized menus. For example, you often use the SBC solver in your matches. The game will automatically display this tool in the menu. Second is the menu, located in the upper left corner. Here you will find all the game’s submenus. 

The principal submenu is that of Players, which partitioned into Market, Favorites, Review, Rating, and Players. In the Market, we can see a diagram that shows the variance of the costs of every player, and we can see it in real-time, by day, or by the hour. Top picks show us our preferred players and a web browser where we can scout and trade in more players. 

Reviews allow you to take surveys and give feedback to the FIFA community, allowing you to see various individuals' sentiments with respect to every player. Lastly, the submenu of Cheapest (by valuation) offers you arrangements of the least expensive players of every valuation. It tends to be limited by letter variant, position, club, nation, and association. In the Players segment, we can look for players according to the skills that they’re good at. 

Become the best football manager

Futbin is the application for those looking for a well-thought-out, complex, but lightweight sports game. The app can prove to be useful while arranging our groups in FIFA, and its lengthy interface is a suitable place for all the game’s menu and submenus. You’ll also be able to improve your skills by engaging with the Futbin online community. Overall, it is a good game for soccer or football fanatics.


  • Draft and trade your best players
  • Extensive selection of tools
  • Trade tips with other players


  • Lengthy user interface


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FUTBIN 7.51 for Android


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